Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S5 is receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop right on schedule

Galaxy S5 Camera

On February 4, Samsung confirmed that the Sprint variant of the Galaxy S5 would get Android 5.0 Lollipop beginning on February 5.

Keeping to its word, many owners of the device have begun reporting that the handset is indeed receiving the update to the latest version of Android, as confirmed by Android Central. The update itself apparently measures in at 894.44MB, and Sprint says that Galaxy S5 owners will need at least 3GB of free storage space to install the newest software. On top of that, after the upgrade has taken place, owners will see that upwards of 950MB of their total available storage has been removed.

After the new software has been installed, the version number should be G900PVPU1AOA6.

The software will remove the Lumen toolbar, while also offering an “enhanced” Wi-Fi calling interface. It should also bring up new lock screen notifications and more Lollipop treats.

If you own a Sprint Galaxy S5, have you received the update yet?

[via Android Central]