Sprint HTC One (M7) scheduled to receive Android 5.0.1 update February 5


Waiting for the newest version of Android can take some time, but when it eventually rolls out, the wait is certainly worth it.

For Sprint subscribers that own the One (M7), HTC’s Mo Versi has confirmed that February 5 is going to be one of those exciting days. Via a tweet Versi sent out on Wednesday, February 4, he confirmed that Android 5.0.1 Lollipop has been verified by Sprint, and that the Now Network will begin rolling out the update beginning Thursday, February 5.

The new software will get Sprint One (M7) owners into the Material Design world, along with an updated version of Sense UI and much more.

The update will beginning rolling out tomorrow, but as usual these things can take time to reach every handset out there in the wild. So keep an eye on your device!

[via @moversi]