Google to launch a YouTube app for kids on February 23


According to USA Today, Google will be launching a new YouTube app this coming Monday meant specifically for kids called “YouTube Kids.” 

The app is targeted squarely towards young kids and will deliver content that is better suited to them. It will also make sure that the kids are not exposed to explicit videos that are hosted on the video sharing site, and if they do end up searching for terms like “sex,” they will get “Try something else” message.

YouTube Kids

The app will feature a different UI than the usual YouTube app with the home screen being dominated by eight large tiles that showcase videos from popular kids shows. The UI will be devoid of unnecessary clutter such as comments, and instead offers parental control features like limiting the time the app can be used by a kid, and more. YouTube’s engineers worked with third-party testers from other organisations like Common Sense Media to create the app and display relevant content to kids.

YouTube Kids is going to be Android exclusive and will be released by Google on February 23.

[Via USA Today]