Nvidia’s Tegra X1 is the company’s latest mobile ‘superchip’

Nvidia Tegra X1

At their pre-CES keynote today, Nvidia announced their latest and greatest mobile chip — the Tegra X1. The latest “mobile superchip” from the company comes with a 256-core Maxwell GPU and an eight-core 64-bit CPU. 

Compared to the Tegra K1, the GPU count on the X1 has doubled while the CPU cores have increased by 4x. It is also the first mobile chip to offer a teraflop of processing power with a maximum power consumption of only 10W. The X1 supports 4K videos at 60FPS and can do 10-bit video in H.265/VP9.

Tegra X1

Nvidia boasts that the X1 blows the Apple A8 chip out of the water, and when compared to an Intel Core i7 processor, it “only uses only a tenth of the power and is in many respects more powerful.” In the GFXBench 3.0 benchmark, the X1 is twice as efficient as the Tegra K1. The Maxwell GPU inside the X1 allows it to provides it with the same level of graphics horsepower as the latest generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

Nvidia is targeting the X1 for tablets and cars this time around, so it is unlikely that we will see it make an appearance in smartphones just like its predecessor. Nvidia is also using two of its X1 chip inside its Drive CX platform for cars.

[Via Nvidia]