How to find the IMEI number of your stolen or lost Android device


Once you lose an Android phone, there really is not much you can do except for trying to track it using Android Device Manager or any other anti-theft app you had installed. In case you are unable to retrieve your phone, you should report it to the local law enforcement agency or police right away. 

However, while filing a report at your local police station, you will need to provide important and relevant details like the model number of your phone and its IMEI number. You can also ask your network operator to block your smartphone, therefore rendering the phone useless for the thief as well.

While most people can easily tell the model number and variant of their phone, it is more than likely that they won’t be able to tell the IMEI number of their phone. Thankfully, you can retrieve the IMEI number of your stolen Android phone using the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Head over to and sign-in with the same Google account that you were using on your stolen Android device.

Find IMEI number of your stolen Android phone

Step 2: Scroll down to the ‘Android’ section and expand the drop-down list. The list will show all the Android devices that you had ever used along with their IMEI number, model name, manufacturer name, last seen date and other relevant details.

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