CM12 nightlies based on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop officially starts rolling out for selected Android devices


CyanogenMod has just announced that they have started rolling out CM12 nightlies, based on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, for a selected few devices. The team considers their work for the first CM12 M release nearly 85% complete, and will spend the rest of this month on porting older features from CM11 and adding support for new devices. 

Most of the CM features that users have come to love and appreciate are currently missing from the CM12 nightly builds. This includes the Theme Engine, the ability to customize the Quick Settings and Navigation bar, quick Lockscreen PIN unlock and more. Most of these features are already under review and it is just a matter of time before these features make their way back to CM12.

The CyanogenMod team is also working on enhancing and adding new features to CM12 including Ambient Display and many other minor tweaks. The full list of devices getting some CM12 nightlies love from today include:

  1. bacon

  2. d802

  3. dlx

  4. e975

  5. e980

  6. evita

  7. falcon

  8. find5

  9. flo

  10. ghost

  11. hlte

  12. hltespr

  13. jewel

  14. jfltevzw

  15. klte

  16. m7

  17. m7spr

  18. m7vzw

  19. m8

  20. mako

  21. mondrianwifi

  22. moto_msm8960

  23. t6

  24. t6spr

  25. t6vzw

  26. serrano3gxx

  27. serranoltexx

  28. shamu

  29. v500

  30. ville

  31. vs985

  32. Additional devices will trickle in as the days go on

The builds for the above devices are classified as “daily driver” with all basic and important functionalities like call, messages, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and others working flawlessly. On certain devices, certain hardware features like the IR blaster might not be working properly, but that should not be a major deterrent for most users. If you are already running a CM11 nightly on your Android device, you can safely flash the CM12 nightly builds on your device without wiping your data. However, keep in mind that your recovery must be updated to support Lollipop and all incompatible root related apps installed on the /system partition of your device will be uninstalled during the process. You can download the CM12 nightlies for the above devices from here.

Aside from announcing the release of CM12 nightlies, the CyanogenMod team also announced that they will be releasing CM11 builds on a weekly basis (every Sunday) from now. With all the development effort shifting to CM12, it makes no sense to continue rolling out CM11 builds on a daily basis with little to almost no change. The team still plans on rolling out CM11 M13 and will roll out a final build of CM11 before doing a code-freeze of the branch.