Nasty memory leak bug in Android 5.0 marked as fixed by Google in AOSP Issue Tracker


With Lollipop being such a major release of Android, some bugs are bound to slip by through Google’s QA testing. One such bug is a nasty memory leak that has been plaguing Lollipop right since the first developer preview that Google had released at I/O this year. 

The bug claimed all the free RAM in a device in the background that resulted in memory intensive applications crashing, launcher redrawing, or apps simply quitting in the background. The bug affected all devices running Lollipop, including the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 that feature with 2GB RAM.

The good news is that Google has finally changed the status of Issue 79729 on the AOSP Issue Tracker to ‘FutureRelease’ indicating that the Android team at Google has fixed the issue, but it will only be rolled out to users in a future update. Perhaps, Google will start rolling out Android 5.0.3 sometime early next year then?

Aside from this memory leak, Lollipop has quite a fair share of other major bugs as well, including the lack of a silent mode, Wi-Fi issues and more. Here’s hoping that Google rolls out the next update for Android with a fix for all the major issues in January next year.

[Via Android Police]