Google working on a new version of Android specifically meant for cars


At Google I/O this year, Google unveiled Android Auto to take on Apple’s CarPlay. However, if sources of Reuters are to be believed, Google is working on a new version of Android that “would be built directly into cars.”

This version of Android is, apparently, called Android M, and will allow drivers and users to enjoy all of Google’s services without plugging in their smartphone to the infotainment system of their car. This is in stark contrast to how Android Auto operates, which basically mirrors itself to the infotainment display over the OS used by car makers.

If Android M does become the default operating system in a car’s infotainment system, it also up a world of other possibilities. The OS can potentially receive data from other sensors in the car and show relevant information. For example, it can automatically display the location to the nearest fuel station when it notices that the car is running low on fuel. Another benefit of Android M is it will provide access to all of Google services in your car, irrespective of whether you are carrying any Android device with you or not.

Google, however, might face a lot of legal, safety and performance hurdles if it wants to achieve something like this. The company first needs to sell the car makers on the performance and stability of Android M — something for which Android is not particularly known for. The OS also needs to boot up instantly compared to the 30 seconds boot up time that most Android devices take nowadays. The data obtained by Google in such a scenario will also greatly benefit its advertising business.