Samsung might offer support for themes in the upcoming version of TouchWiz


According to some images obtained by the folks over at, Samsung seems to be adding a Theme manager in the upcoming version TouchWiz. At the moment it is not yet clear as to which devices will get this feature, since the Theme Manager is also missing from the leaked Lollipop builds of the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4.

Themes would be a great way for TouchWiz users to quickly change certain aspects of the UI, including the wallpaper, fonts, icons, color of the UI and more. It is also not yet known how powerful Samsung’s theme engine is going to be, and whether the changes made by it will go deep down into the OS or will only be superficial.


Another notable change visible in the images obtained by HDBlog is the S-Finder shortcut being present at the top left corner of the notification bar — giving it a cleaner and less crowded look.

HTC includes a theme engine in its Sense UI, but it is greatly limited in functionality. The OnePlus One, which runs on CyanogenMod 11S, also comes with a built-in theme engine that allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the OS, including the boot animation, font, and more.