Microsoft launches $199 ‘Microsoft Band’ fitness wearable and Health service


Microsoft has just revealed its first wearable along with its fitness tracking service — Microsoft Health. The company’s first wearable sports a number of unique new sensors that sets its apart from the competition. 

The wearable comes with a small OLED screen, which can also display your smartphone notifications. The 10 sensors included on the Band are a 9-axis sensor, Gyroscope, heart rate sensor, UV sensor for detecting the UV levels outside, and a galvanic skin response sensor to detect stress levels.

All the user health data is stored in Microsoft’s Health service, which can also import data from other services and devices. The service can also combine your work and personal health data to determine how long the meeting with your boss went and how it will affect your night’s sleep.

Unlike other fitness bands out there, Microsoft’s offering is very open. Besides working with all the three major mobile operating systems, the company will also allow hardware makers to tap into the Band’s sensors and its software for a licensing fee.

The Microsoft Band will be available for purchase in Microsoft’s online and retail stores from tomorrow for $199.