Google Now handily beats Siri and Cortana in Knowledge Box showdown


Like Google Now on Android, Apple and Microsoft also offer their own personal assistants — Siri and Cortana — for their respective mobile operating systems. What sets Google Now apart from the competition is its near impeccable Knowledge Graph, which allows it to answer your queries in a beautiful card like layout.

Siri and Cortana also have their own Knowledge graph and feature integration with various data sources and services including Wolfram Alpha. However, it has always been taken for granted that they lag behind Google’s offering especially since the latter heavily focuses on this field. But how exactly wide is the gap? How much ahead is Google Now of the competition with its Knowledge graph? The folks over at StoneTemple decided to do a comparison and find out.


Their comparison included 3086 different queries that were asked on all the three personal assistants. These questions were pretty simple in nature and were asked with the sole intention to trigger the knowledge box of the assistants. The end result? Out of the 3086 queries asked, Google Now had answers to 58% of them in its knowledge panel while Siri and Cortana were left far behind at 29% and 20%, respectively.

Considering that all the three assistants pull data from multiple sources including Wikipedia and third-party websites to respond to queries, the staggering difference in performance clearly shows how much ahead Google is of the competition.

Even when it comes to the relevancy of the answer with respect to the question asked, Google Now was ahead of the competition with a score of 88%. On the other hand, Siri andCortana only managed to answer the questions with a relevancy score of 53% and 40% respectively.

Make sure to head over to Stone Temple’s website, if you are interested in the full rundown of the tests and the results.