HTC teases their ‘Double Exposure’ event with new video promo

image HTC invite

On Wednesday, September 24, HTC officially started their teasing campaign for an event they are holding on October 8, 2014.

Teasing with a one-liner for the memory books, “Something remarkable is coming” offers just enough to get the interest piqued, and yet not nearly enough to ruin the surprise. While the invite for HTC’s “Double Exposure” event included a pair of women taking a selfie with an HTC One (M8), it’s been rumored and teased ever since that the event will actually focus on something a bit more camera-focused, and not so much a new smartphone with a nice camera.

Indeed, the video that has started all of the teasing for the upcoming event does seem to incorporate something like a GoPro, where the subjects in the video can oftentimes move it around easily, take it under water, and even slow-motion video is teased for good measure. Whatever the device is, recording video is obviously one of the biggest draws, so those who love to take videos wherever they go might be in luck here.

As far as details go, it’s still few and far between at this point. This could indeed just be a camera, incorporating HTC’s Duo Camera set up, or it could be a “camera phone,” running Android and incorporating some phone features into a device primarily focused on photography and video.

The video itself measured in just under forty seconds, and in the description HTC says we should visit “” on October 8 for “the world premiere of a remarkable new product.” As of this writing, the website simply shows the same teaser video, with a link to get notified when more information is available.

What do you think the device will be?

[via HTC]