CyanogenMod drops support for the CDMA Galaxy Nexus


Owners of the CDMA (Sprint and Verizon) variant of the Galaxy Nexus — here is some bad news for you. The CyanogenMod team has decided to stop supporting the handset because of a lack of maintainer and to make better use of their limited resources. 

Another reason behind dropping support for the handset is the lack of documentation and low-level binary blobs/driver updates for the OMAP4 chipset from TI ever since it went out of the semiconductor business. The Verizon/CDMA Galaxy Nexus is the only Nexus handset to have ever been released on the big red’s network, but was always months behind its other Nexus brothers in receiving OTA updates of the latest version of Android.

The GSM variant of the Galaxy Nexus will continue to be supported by the CyanogenMod team for now because they still have a maintainer for the device. However, don’t expect the device to receive support for the next version of CyanogenMod, which will be based on Android L.

For now, owners of the CDMA variant of the Galaxy Nexus can have a look at Omni or Paranoid Android, which still officially support the device.

[Via CyanogenMod, Reddit]