YouTube Music Key is reportedly Google’s new music streaming service

YouTube Music Key

While Google has seen plenty of attention for their Play Music All Access (some of it not so good, recently), it’s been widely believed that the search giant would be looking to change things up in a big way for their music streaming services. That may be closer to reality with a new report revealing quite a few new details.

According to a report originally published by Android Police, Google’s new music streaming service will be called YouTube Music Key. With the new program, users will see Google Play All Access get rebranded to Google Play Music Key, and will offer content from Google Play All Access, as well as from YouTube Music Key.

The new program will reportedly feature offline playback, content that will include remixes and covers, as well as concert footage. The report also says that Music Key will suggest new content for users, as well as general recommendations.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when this new service will launch, as Android Police wasn’t privy to that information.

Does this service sound interesting to you, or would you prefer to keep Google Play All Access the way it is?

[Via Android Police]

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