Xiaomi surpasses Samsung in China’s smartphone market

Canalys Xiaomi smartphone report

Xiaomi has done what many thought wouldn’t be possible, especially in such a short period of time, based on a new report from research firm Canalys.

The report, which overlooks the second quarter, 2014, for the Chinese smartphone market, states that Xiaomi made quite the uprising in the last several months, while other major players like Samsung and Lenovo were forced to watch them climb the ranks. According to Canalys, Xiaomi now has 14% of the Chinese smartphone market share, while Samsung has dropped to 12%. Both Lenovo and Yulong are also set at 12 percent.

As noted by the report, and published by The Wall Street Journal, that means Xiaomi took a sharp incline from the first quarter of the same year, up from 10.7% market share. Samsung, during the same time, had a market share capped at 18.3%. Lenovo, on the other hand, had an 11 percent market share during the same stretch.

To really nail home the sharp rise of the small company, one year ago Xiaomi only had a 5 percent market share.

Canalys analyst Jingwen Wang, had this to say in a telephone interview with the WSJ:

The aggressive pricing points for top-notch products is an important reason that led to its success. Both its Mi (flagship) series products and Redmi series products are price-competitive devices and feature top-notch chipsets, displays and cameras.

To compare the devices, Xiaomi generally sells their devices just over $100. Samsung, on the other hand, markets their handsets for around or above $500. Wang also pointed out Xiaomi’s MIUI user interface, and points out the install base for the UI is over 50 million in the world.

Is the time of the big company’s flagship over?

[Via The Wall Street Journal; Canalys]