Samsung and Apple drop all litigations against each other outside of the US

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In a very surprising move, Apple and Samsung have decided to drop all the lawsuits against each other outside of the United States.

This agreement, however, does not include any other kind of licensing agreements and does not affect their existing cases in the US courts in any way. 

In a statement issued to The Verge, the companies issued the following statement on this matter.

“Samsung and Apple agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States. This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts.”

This does not mean that the courtroom battle between Samsung and Apple is coming to an end though. All the big fights between the companies have mainly happened in the United States, including the case where Samsung lost to Apple and had to pay $1 billion in damages.

In the past, Samsung and Apple have tried numerous times to end their longstanding legal battles, but failed to reach any peaceful settlements. This is the first time that both companies have agreed on dropping all the lawsuits against each other and maintain harmony, even though it excludes the biggest battlefield of all — the United States.