Motorola sends out press invites for the Moto X+1, G2 and 360 launch event


Motorola has just sent out press invites for an upcoming event in Chicago on September 4th, where it would be unveiling four new devices.

The “Moto Launch Experience” invite  is filled with taglines like “Chose To Discover”, “Choose to Have Fun” and “Choose a new experience.”

The taglines in Motorola’s invite lines up perfectly with its philosophy of providing users with options to customize a device to their liking before ordering it, and providing a great software experience by pre-loading a near stock version of Android and topping it with many unique features.

The invite closes to hint at all the products that Motorola will be potentially unveiling at the event, which includes two smartphones with an X and a G written on their middle, a watch and a Bluetooth headset.

It is no secret that Motorola will be unveiling the Moto X successor, apparently dubbed the Moto X+1, the Moto G2 and the Moto 360. Interestingly, it is only the Bluetooth headset about which details are scarce and which is yet to leak.

Make sure to head over to the source link below to watch the animated GIF of Motorola’s invite in action.

[Via The Verge]