Moto X+1 leaks again, shows off familiar design

Moto X+1 leak

At this point, we’re just waiting for Motorola to officially announce what we already know. We’ve already seen what’s believed to be a “near final” prototype of the handset, seen the specs breakdown, and seen the front panel in the wild. Now, one final leak shows us that familiar design once again.

The new images, which showcase the new Moto X+1 with a wood back, and both a white and black front, were leaked in one final “retirement gift” from serial leaker, @evleaks. You might recall that recently the account was retired by owner, Evan Blass, so if this is the last leak we see, it’s certainly a doozy.

The images show us what are obvious front-facing speakers. And, it looks like there might actually be some customization options for the Motorola logo on the back, with one black and the other with a gray, matching color scheme.

Motorola is set to announce the new Moto X+1, along with the Moto G2 and Moto 360 on September 4. Are you looking forward to it?

[Via @evleaks]