Long press the Recents app button to jump back to the previous app in CM11 nightlies


The CyanogenMod team has snuck in a very handy feature in one of their recent CM11 nightlies — the ability to jump back to the last app being used by long pressing the Recents app button.

The feature is not exactly unique as it has already been present on other ROMs like Paranoid Android and Carbon since quite sometime. Nevertheless, it is nice to see CyanogenMod add this incredibly handy feature to their ROM especially since they are very picky about adding features that deviate the user experience greatly from stock Android.

Below is a quick gif from Reddit user wesjon demonstrating the feature in action.


The feature is included in the CM11 nightlies build for all the supported devices from 21st August. The feature is enabled by default and there is no way to toggle it on or off, in case you are not particularly fond of it.

[Via Reddit]