LG to reportedly unveil the G Watch 2 next month


It has been just over two months since LG released its first Android Wear running smartwatch, and now if sources from The Korea Times are to be believed, the company is already planning on releasing its successor at IFA next month. 

According to the source of Korea Times, the new G Watch will be a radical step up compared to its predecessor and will sport an AMOLED screen. It will be powered by a processor from Qualcomm as LG’s in-house chips are still not ready to make it to consumer devices. The source claims the watch as “a serious game changer” that will compete with Apple’s highly anticipated iWatch. It is, however, not yet clear if LG will actually unveil the device at IFA or only show it to its clients off the floor show.

The source also revealed that LG is planning on working with top watch makers for its upcoming watches. The discussions are set to happen behind closed doors at IFA in Berlin next month.

The existing LG G Watch has a very beta feel to it and clearly feels like a rushed product. So, while LG releasing its successor in such a short time span makes sense, it might not go down well with existing G Watch owners who may have already started having buyer’s remorse after reading this news.

[Via The Korea Times]