Google set to launch Android One in India next week, according to report


In June of this year, Google officially introduced Android One. It’s a move to make it easier to get stock Android on more devices all over the world, especially in specific markets where low-end to mid-range devices can really take off. Now, a new report suggests that time could be coming up shortly.

The Economic Times has published a report that suggests Google is gearing up to launch Android One as soon as the start of September in India. The report goes on to say that three Indian manufacturers are due to launch new devices, which could be priced quite well for the region:

The three Indian manufactures are set to price the handsets between Rs 7,000 and Rs 10,000, which is higher than the initially expected sub-$100 (Rs 6,000) tag. At this price, these devices – at least one each initially from the vendors – would give the same experience of usingmid-to-high price range devices, people familiar with the products told ET.

The prices could be higher than expected due to extra features that Google is reportedly looking to add with the new devices:

One of the people directly involved in the development of the smartphones said the prices have gone higher than the initially planned sub-$100 because Google intends to offer better features and apps. “Android One is setting minimum hardware and software standards for the three vendors, who are adding or improving upon them in future devices under the Android One umbrella,” this person said.

It also mentions that, depending on the response the devices get in India after launch, Google could launch similar devices in other markets. We’ve already heard that Google will be spending quite a bit on promotion for Android One, specifically in India, so this would not come as a surprise.

Android One is certainly a different, yet direct branch for Google when it comes to their mobile platform, so it will be interesting to see how it stacks up when it finally sees the light of day.

[Via The Economic Times]