Android Wear ads showcase the wearables out in the world

Android Wear advertisement

Android Wear has been available for a little while now, thanks to wearables from Samsung (the Gear Live) and LG (the G Watch), but it might not have the public’s eye just yet. Google’s looking to change that with four new advertisements that they’ve published to their YouTube channel.

The advertisements are pretty straightforward in their methodology: showcase the wearables, including one you can’t buy yet (Motorola’s Moto 360), out there in the real world, in real world situations on people’s wrists (with simulated images on the display), and get people swooning about all the things you can do with your brand new smartwatch.

Indeed, if you’ve been on the fence about Android Wear and a new smartwatch, these ads could very well push you over to the “I’m going to buy one!” side. The functionality and features within Android Wear is hard to ignore, even if the devices look pretty big on some of the user’s wrists.

In related news, Motorola has confirmed that they’ll be showcasing the Moto 360 beginning on September 4, where they’ll not only put the spotlight on their new wearable, but also the Moto X+1 and Moto G2.

Have you picked up an Android Wear wearable yet? Or are you waiting for the Moto 360? You can check out the three other ads below: