Xposed module brings a native clipboard to stock Android


Stock Android does not feature any kind of clipboard manager, as seen on devices from LG and Samsung. While there are apps that replicate this functionality, they don’t feel native and have certain restrictions, thanks to limitations of the Android OS. In comes Native Clip Board Xposed module from developer DHM47, which as its name suggests, brings a native clipboard manager to stock Android.


The module is pretty barebones in nature and only keeps a pre-specified history of items in its memory. Every time the user highlights a text, the clipboard manager will automatically pop-up from the bottom of the screen, allowing users to select and paste any of their past items from the clip board to the text field.

There are a few issues with the module though. It will not work on Sense-based devices from HTC and you will have to wait for a few minutes for the app to work after you restart your Android device.

Download: Native Clip board