XDictionary Xposed module brings a system-wide dictionary to Android devices


Unlike iOS, Android lacks a global system-wide dictionary, which means that every time you come across a word you have not heard about, you will have to open up a dictionary app to check out its meaning. These relatively minor additional steps can make a lot of difference in day to day life, especially since you might do them on a daily basis. Taking matters into his own hand, developer perseus0807 has written an Xposed module — XDictionary — that brings a system wide dictionary to all Android devices.

Once the Xposed module is activated, highlight any word and tap on the Define button that will come up beside the Copy and Paste buttons. This will open up a new Chrome window with the word’s meaning explained on Dictionary.com.


Depending on your settings and the selected word, the module can also be configured to display a pop-up or a toast notification containing the word’s definition. As a bonus, the developer is also working on adding a Translate button to the module down the line.

The Xposed module can be downloaded for free but if you don’t mind supporting the developer, you can purchase it from the Play Store for $1.99.

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