Sprint LG G Flex set to receive ZV7 update, adds WiFi Calling and more

Sprint LG G Flex ZV7 update

One feature that only gets a slight amount of attention is WiFi Calling, despite the fact it can be pretty useful for anyone who might not be in an area with the best network coverage, but can still find a WiFi signal. For Sprint customers who own an LG G Flex, that feature can be yours after a software update.

In an update officially listed by Sprint yesterday, the LG G Flex is getting a small number of updates, plus some tweaks, and even an update to email Signature. Because we all need a strong signature in our emails. There is a new HD Voice icon on the device after the update, and there’s a patch for security from Google that’s geared towards SMS and overall security on the handset from a software perspective.

The big part of the update, though, comes in the addition of WiFi Calling, something that’s been a long time coming for the G Flex with Sprint branding.

The update is ZV7, and it should be rolling out to G Flex’s right now. In fact, many owners should have already received the update by the time of this writing, while others may still be waiting for their wave to land on their phones. Sprint says that, to play it safe, the rollout of the ZV7 update will conclude on July 16, so you should have the update by then.

Do you own an LG G Flex? What do you think of the device?

[via Sprint]