ProtectedApps Xposed module lets you lock Android apps natively


By default, Android lacks the ability to lock access to any specific app. Users are instead required to make use of third-party apps from the Play Store, the majority of which look very clunky and can be bypassed by any knowledgeable Android user (hint: Force stop/Clear Data).

An Xposed module — ProtectedApps — from developer defim aims to solve this problem by providing users with the ability to lock apps using the native PIN/Password or Pattern lock feature offered by Android itself. The Xposed module will work on all Android devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or higher.


Unlike other third-party apps, this Xposed module can also restrict access to some of the basic system apps like the package installer, Play Store and more. It also allows users to customize the minimum timeframe before locking an app again or even hiding notifications from it. Below is the full feature list of the module:

  • Different observation modes: First start of apps or while using it
  • Duration of unlock time configurable
  • Autmatic locking could be switched off.
  • Notification options: Always, while unlocked, never
  • Duration of unlock could be configured
  • Pre-lock slider could be disabled
  • Minimal and maximal time frame of unlocking configurable

Being an Xposed module, users must already have the Xposed framework installed on their device before they can install and use ProtectedApps. They will also need to donate to the developer to enable some of the additional features mentioned above.

Download: ProtectedApps