Google and Samsung are at odds again, and this time over smartwatches

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It looks like Google and Samsung are having another tiff. The topic this time is Android Wear with Google’s Larry Page frustrated with Samsung for pushing their own in-house developed Tizen platform smartwatches over the Android Wear running Gear Live.

According to The Information, a tense private meeting occurred between Larry Page and Samsung’s vice chairman Jay Y. Lee earlier this month, where Page expressed his displeasure over the Korean company spending and promoting their Tizen-based smartwatches more over the Gear Live running Android Wear.

The outcome of the meeting is not yet known but one can only hope that things ended amicably between both the parties.

Even though the Samsung Gear Live runs on Android Wear, it is basically a Gear 2 that has been re-engineered to run Android Wear.

In the past, Samsung and Google have clashed over how the former had modified Android on its devices and was pre-loading apps and services that directly competed with offerings from Google. A discussion between the two companies then led to Samsung agreeing to toning down TouchWiz and its apps from its future Galaxy devices.