Galaxy S4 melts under 13-year old’s pillow, third-party battery considered the culprit

Galaxy S4 melted

Unfortunately, even our most prized possession can get destroyed in the blink of an eye. Or, while we sleep, as was the case for a 13-year old girl who fell asleep with her phone underneath her pillow, and was awoken by the smell of it melting below her head.

As reported by news channel KDFW, the thirteen-year old girl had fallen asleep, and at some point in the night the Galaxy S4 managed to slip underneath the pillow. Later, the device began to melt, and the smell brought her out of her unconsciousness. The lack of air flow and space is being considered as a factor for the situation, but an internal component could also be the culprit.

According to the report, the battery inside the Galaxy S4 was not the standard, Samsung provided battery, but a third-party replacement. As has been identified in the past, using these non-OEM pieces can sometimes lead to catastrophic results for our favorite pieces of technology. The girl, it should be noted, was not injured by the melting phone, but the pillow has certainly seen better days.

You can check out the short news clip below. Have you ever had a gadget catch fire?