CyanogenMod is working on a Google Now inspired homescreen panel for its ROM


Recently, we saw the CyanogenMod team integrate the swipe left to access Google Now functionality on the stock Trebuchet launcher of their ROM. The team is now working on bringing a new Google Now inspired (not replacement) feature to their ROM, dubbed CM Home.

CM Home will replace the Google Now panel as your leftmost homescreen and display notifications and other relevant information from apps. Right now, CM Home makes use of DashClock extensions to display this data but the CM folks are also working on an API, so that other devs can take advantage of it and make the panel useful for the end users.

The feature has not yet been officially announced by the CM team but it is, apparently, already present in the latest nightlies. According to the screenshots posted by Reddit user lj6782the CM team will also provide users with an option to replace CM Home with Google Now.



Keep in mind that CM Home is not a competitor to Google Now, even though its initial UI seems to be heavily inspired by it. According to the developer of this feature, CM Home is “a new place for data from many sources, to be expanded later.” The feature is clearly still under development and may evolve into something completely different by the time the Cyanogen team is done working on it.

Make sure to read this thread on Reddit, where a CyanogenMod developer explains what CM Home is and the future plans of CyanogenMod with respect to such apps and features.