Samsung has no plans to sell the Galaxy S5 LTE-A outside of Korea

Galaxy S5 LTE-A in red

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 LTE-A for its home market — an upgraded version of the company’s current international flagship with a WQHD screen and a faster processor.

This got everyone wondering if Samsung would be brining this handset to the other parts of the world as well or not. Well, the company has now officially confirmed to the folks over at Android Central that it has no plans to sell the handset outside of South Korea.

In the past, Samsung has released many updated variants of its flagship phones that were sold only in its home market including the likes of the Galaxy S4 LTE edition and more.

At this moment, there is no specific plan to provide the product to the global market — Samsung’s spokesperson

It is also not yet known if the Galaxy S5 LTE-A was the purported Galaxy F or the latter is a separate device meant to be released later this year.

Either ways, with IFA approaching fast enough, expect the Galaxy Note 4 to bring some QHD and Snapdragon 805 goodness to the international markets soon.