LG G3 believed to be outselling the Galaxy S5 3:1 in Korea


The LG G3 went on sale in Korea shortly after its announcement on the 27th of May. A new report is now claiming that the company’s newest flagship is currently outselling the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the region by a ratio of 3:1.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us given the hardware on board the LG flagship and the disparity between the two devices. Granted LG had time on its hands to develop and mass produce the QHD display, and the market has certainly chosen a winner. LG refrained from giving exact sales figures, but we expect that to be made public in the next quarterly earnings call.

Unfortunately, the smartphone is only available in South Korea at the moment with the rest of the world slated to get the G3 in the coming weeks.

European regions will reportedly get the handset in early July, with the U.S. and other parts of Asia expected to get it around the same time. If the sales in this region are anything to go by, we think LG can expect the same response in global markets as well. The timing of the launch couldn’t have been better as both Samsung and HTC have only recently launched their flagship devices too.

[ET News via Phone Arena]