LG files trademark for G Prime, F Prime, L Prime and W Prime

LG Logo

With the LG G3 still to be launched in global markets, one would imagine that the company has no plans to launch another device in the market anytime soon. However, the Korean giant has just filed a trademark application for four new devices all tagged under the ‘Prime’ series, giving us a hint of what’s to come.

Known as the F Prime, G Prime, L Prime as well as the W Prime, we might see a series of these high-end and mid-range Prime handsets launching in the coming months. A trademark application isn’t always an indicator of an imminent launch, but given that LG has filed a trademark for all four devices together, we’re hoping a launch isn’t too far away.

Considering the rapidity with which manufacturers are launching smartphones of late, we’re not surprised that LG is already looking to announce four more devices. As this is merely a trademark filing at the moment, there’s no access to the specs sheet. But it’s safe to guess that whatever LG manages to launch will stay true to its name and turn out to be something really premium. Perhaps we’ll finally see the company launching an all metal smartphone like the HTC One M8?

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