Google’s full Android Wear SDK unveiled


Android Wear was announced earlier this year, and along with it an SDK that offered up a brief look at what Google was building for the wearable market, and what developers would have access to down the road. Google’s opening up the floodgates for those who want to build for wearables based on Google’s platform.

At Google’s I/O event, the company officially unveiled the full SDK for Android Wear. This includes the full list of APIs that are now accessible on Android as a whole, but now made widely available for Android Wear. The same notifications, built entirely for the smaller display. As we saw with Material Design and Google’s new outlook for Android’s L build, Android Wear is built to allow developers to have access to all the tools that Google has.

The full SDK should be available shortly, so developers can start building apps for Android Wear very soon.

Google Play Services, mobile, tablet and wearable connectivity is also a big focus for Android Wear, which should help you link your devices no matter your situation.

You can check out Google’s official page for Android Wear right here.

More to come…