Android TV is indeed real and coming at Google I/O


According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is all set to unveil a new set-up-box at Google I/O later today that will go up against the likes of Amazon’s FireTV and Apple TV.

While the hardware itself will be made by another OEM, the software will be a new version of Android designed specially for televisions and appropriately dubbed as Android TV.

The set-top-box will allow users to play movies, games, TV shows and other content on their TV and control it using their Android smartphone. While WSJ sources fail to provide any other information, a developer who has been briefed about Android TV said that one of its key feature would be the ability to seamlessly switch between your Android smartphone and TV whilst playing a game.

Riptide GP2 with Android TV support

Corroborating this news is Vector Unit, which erroneously posted a change-log for Riptide GP2 on the Play Store confirming the existence of Android TV and its imminent support to the game. The now pulled change-log also suggests the presence of a split screen mode in Android TV, which sounds pretty enticing.

This is not the first time Google is releasing a set-top-box to take over our living room. The company’s previous attempt — Google TV — failed with disastrous results. One can only hope that Google has learnt from its last failure and taken a page or two out of Apple’s book for Android TV.

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