Android One officially announced at Google I/O


Android is only as powerful as the devices it is installed on, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the best specifications are always needed, or even wanted. Google has announced that it is going to be easier than ever to put Android on low-end and mid-range devices, all over the world, thanks to Android One.

Google has announced Android One, which is a move to make getting Android, stock Android, on more devices all over the world. Especially devices designed for low- or mid-range specifications in mind. The movement is kicking off in India, but will reach out to other markets all over the planet as manufacturers take advantage of it. This means companies like Micromax will be able to create a device that fits a specific market, and Google will then put stock Android on the device, to match the specs.

This means the experience will be the same across these devices with Android One, and updates will be easier.