Android Auto officially announced at Google I/O


Google has unveiled a new realm of Android’s reach, thanks to their focus on the automotive industry. With it, a new Android branch, called Android Auto.

Today at Google I/O, Google officially unveiled their new Android arm, Android Auto. At its basic level, Android Auto will allow users to use context-sensitive applications through the car’s installed touchscreen. There are no icons to slide through, a grid of icons at all. The first aspect is the overview screen, which shows contextually relevant information, from other apps and especially Google Now. Third-party applications are also available through Android Auto, and can be accessed through the overview screen.

Play Music has been adapted to have adaptive, glanceable controls for Android Auto. You can use Voice controls through the car to control the music as well.

40 partners have been unveiled, along with 25 auto manufacturers. Moreover, Android Auto will be available later this year, through the public release of Android L. New cars with support will also be available later this year.

You can check out Google’s official page for Android Auto here.

More to come…