Xposed module brings Knock Code functionality to HTC One M8

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Last year, LG introduced Knock On with the G2 that allows users to wake up their device by simply double tapping on its screen. The feature has since then made its way to most of the other Android flagships released this year including the HTC One M8 and the Xperia Z2.

Now, developer of many popular Xposed modules — MohammadAG — has demoed another module that brings LG’s Knock Code feature to the One M8. 

After enabling the Xposed module, users will need to tap in a specific pattern on their screen to unlock the device. Considering that the M8 does not feature a fingerprint scanner, this module provides an excellent way of adding an additional layer of security to the handset without requiring any additional steps to access it.

Below is a quick video of the feature in action:

The only catch here is that the feature requires the screen of the One M8 to be switched on. Users cannot wake up their device by simply tapping on its screen in a specified pattern while it is sleeping. The developer states that while it is possible to wake up the device directly from sleep, it would require some kernel changes. Knowing the Android community, expect a modified kernel with this feature baked in to be released sooner or later.

The developer has not yet released the Xposed module or provided any ETA, but it should be available for M8 users sometime soon.

[Via MohammadAG]

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  1. Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh

    AOSP and close to AOSP devices will also be supported. Nexus 5 and Xperia Z1 have been tested for now.


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