Xposed framework 2.6 Beta 1 brings a new icon, UI and many internal improvements


Xposed framework and its modules have bought about a revolution in the Android development world, allowing users to enjoy many advanced features without the hassle of flashing any custom ROM. Today, the developer of Xposed has released the first beta of v2.6 that includes a new logo and UI refresh among other enhancements. 

The developer has also made any internal improvements for better performance and resources compatibility. Below is the full change-log of the update:

  • UI refresh using the Cards UI pattern, mainly contributed by @GermainZ
  • New logo, created by @DD-Ripper
  • Detection of several known issues, a warning with link to the FAQ item will be shown
  • Release type selection in the downloader (only stable version are shown by default)
  • Many internal improvements in the framework, e.g. better resources compatibility and performance

Another important change in this update, not mentioned in the change-log, is that the Xposed-recovery ZIP files are now stored inside a subdirectory (Android/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/files) on the SD card to fix the installation issues cropping up in most of the newer devices.

While the beta might have a few bugs, the changes make the risk of installing it worth it. You can download the latest beta of Xposed framework from here.