OnePlus One invite system explained by the company

OnePlus One Sandstone Black

The OnePlus One is sold through a very confusing invite system. The company has now tried to simplify some of these clauses and terms in a detailed post on its forum. This tells us that the initial batch of invites will be sent out this month to existing owners of the smartphone who can then send more invites to other people.

To avoid profiteering from the selling of invites, the company has assured that the invite is allotted to a particular user and is only valid for 24 hours once issued. If not claimed, the invite will return to the sender and he/she can send it to someone else they wish.

So how do you get an invite in the first place? People who won the company’s Smash The Past contest along with a few selected members of the OnePlus forums are the first to get an invite for the OnePlus One. So if you happen to be an active member on the forum or know a person with a free invite to give, you’re in luck as you might be able to get the smartphone by next month.

OnePlus will start shipping out the 64GB Sandstone Black variant of the handset from late-May with invites being made available to existing users at about the same time. Bear in mind that the company will only give out invites according to its production capacity, so you will have to be very lucky to get one from an existing user of the smartphone. Still a bit confused? Head over to the OnePlus forum below for more details.

[OnePlus Forum via The Droid Guy]