Moto X+1 appears on Motorola’s official website

Moto X+1 appears on Motorola's MotoMaker website

A handful of leaks and rumors have already confirmed that Motorola is working on the Moto X+1 as a successor to the Moto X. Motorola has said it will be launched in the summer, and today, the phone’s appearance on the company’s official site suggests that an official announcement could be upon us very soon. 

The Moto X+1 page can be accessed by opening the Moto X page on Motorola’s website and changing “FLEXR1” to “FLEXR2” in the address bar. It’s simply a placeholder page, though a previous leak had revealed that consumers will be able to select from 25 back cover options for the device. The biggest takeaway here is that Moto X+1 is indeed what Motorola intends to call its next flagship, and the name suggests the phone will be an evolutionary upgrade over the original Moto X.

Details on the phone’s hardware continue to be a mystery. We’ll likely see Motorola focusing on the software experience once again, assuming Lenovo isn’t steering its soon-to-be-acquired phone manufacturer in a different direction.