LG posts new retro teaser for the G Watch; Moto 360 to arrive in July for €249

Moto 360

Among the Android Wear smartwatches that were announced a couple of months ago, the Moto 360 is high on our list for obvious reasons. A new report now claims that the smartwatch will make its way to the markets by July this year carrying a price tag of £203 or $341 when it is launched in the UK and the U.S. respectively.

This indicates that it won’t go too heavy on the customers’ wallets. It’s also likely that Motorola would round off the pricing to $300 in the U.S. to compete with the likes of the Samsung Gear 2, Qualcomm Toq and the Pebble Steel. Considering that Moto 360 will be primarily targeted towards specific markets, it behooves the company to go aggressive on the pricing to make a bigger impact at launch.

LG meanwhile continues to tease the arrival of its smartwatch, this time by posting a retro teaser showing characters from Star Trek, Knight Rider and Inspector Gadget respectively. This reminds us of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercial from last year which also compared its offering to smartwatches of the past.

LG G Watch Teaser

The LG G Watch is expected to be more of a global product given the company’s wide reach across the world. Although the device is just a standard smartwatch with nothing innovative in terms of design, it’s clearly going to don the markets in the coming days, possibly along with the launch of the LG G3 or at Google I/O. The G Watch has been expected to be priced close to £180 in the UK, so it could cost slightly cheaper than Motorola’s smartwatch when they both land in the markets.

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