Xperia Z2 gains root and custom touch recovery


The Xperia Z2 is yet to go on sale in a majority of countries across the globe but that has not stopped DooMLoRD from gaining root access on the handset. Since the Xperia Z2 comes with an unlockable bootloader, the process of gaining root access on the handset is relatively easy compared to the likes of Verizon’s HTC One (M8) and the Galaxy S5.

Along with root, DooMLoRD has also managed to port CWM touch recovery to the handset. The presence of a custom recovery for the Z2 means that potential users can take a nandroid backup of their stock ROM as well as flash new ROMs, whenever they are made available.

Keep in mind that rooting and flashing the custom recovery on the Xperia Z2 will require users to unlock the bootloader on it. Thankfully, unlocking the bootloader will not kill the camera on the handset as it happened with its predecessor — the Xperia Z1.

Right now, the root process and custom recovery are only meant for the D65xx variant of the Xperia Z2, but it will be made compatible with other variants of the handset as they hit the market.

Via – XDA forums