Sony Xperia Z2 has the best smartphone camera according to DxOMark’s rankings

Sony Xperia Z2 Camera

The Sony Xperia Z2 can do a lot of things right¬†and that includes taking exceptional pictures as well as 4K videos from its 20.7-megapixel camera. The smartphone has now dethroned the Nokia 808 Pureview as the best camera phone in the market according to DxOMark’s latest rankings.

DxOMark has a long standing reputation in providing camera reviews, so this is coming from a pretty legitimate source. The Xperia Z2 managed to score 79 points, marginally edging out the Nokia 808 Pureview which scored 77.

DxOMark uses a complicated metric to calculate the points scored by a particular device and it covers all aspects of the camera, ranging from video capture to low light imaging.

Speaking about the camera on the Sony flagship, DxOMark’s report read – “revised Z2 impresses with its color and detail preservation, both outdoors and in more challenging lighting, and it retains the fast autofocus of the Z1 while improving its precision. Noise levels remain low with none of the objectionable chroma noise found on some rivals; only some fine-grained luminance type noise is noticeable at times.”

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