Oppo’s rumored ‘Smart Lens’ camera attachment leaked in photos

Oppo Smart Lens

Oppo was long expected to be launching a camera lens attachment much like Sony did last year. A new leak from Weibo has now revealed this ‘Smart Lens’ accessory in its entirety, attached firmly to the Oppo Find 7. There’s no word on whether this will be an exclusive to Oppo devices, but the hardware shouldn’t necessarily restrict it from working with other Android devices.

The device will use NFC or WiFi to transfer images to your device almost instantaneously. There is probably going to be a companion app which will act as a viewfinder for this external camera. The module attaches to the middle of the handset and not above the existing camera sensor, which makes it all the more similar to the Sony offering.

Oppo Smart Lens

The pictures reveal that the lens comes with a dedicated power key and several other user configurable settings on its own, so it’s more of a standalone camera than a companion accessory. Other specifics such as pricing and availability are not known at this point. But if Sony’s offering was any indication we don’t think this will go easy on your wallets.

Oppo Smart Lens -2
[Weibo via GizChina]