Confusing OnePlus One Smash campaign causes people to destroy their phones before it even begins

OnePlus One Smash

OnePlus One Smash is a promotion announced by OnePlus a couple of days ago when its new smartphone was officially announced. According to that campaign, a hundred lucky users picked by the company will get the opportunity to smash their existing handset and get a OnePlus One for just $1 as a reward. But it seems like many haven’t read the T&C properly as we’re seeing several videos popping up on YouTube where users are seen destroying their old and even functioning devices with the hope of getting the new handset.

This has clearly sparked off substantial ire across the internet as the Smash promo is the only legitimate way to get the smartphone at the moment. Other interested users will be able to get it through an invite system, although OnePlus has not provided proper clarification on how this system would work.

The Smash contest kicks off today and will require users to register on the OnePlus Smash microsite. If you’re picked, an email will pop up notifying that you can smash your device and post a video of it for proof.

In the meantime, check out the videos below to see how people have destroyed their poor functioning smartphone before receiving any sort of commitment from OnePlus.

[Via Android Authority]