New LG G2 update brings the Knock Code feature


LG introduced the Knock Code feature with the G Pro 2 phablet back in February and also announced that older LG devices will be getting the feature soon. With midrange devices like the Optimus L70 and L90 launching with this option in tow, the company’s high-end LG G2 has joined the ranks by starting to get a small update that bundles in Knock Code.

Knock Code is an updated version of Knock On, which broke cover with the LG G2 back in September, and allows users to unlock or lock the device with a series of predetermined taps or knocks. This is a nifty security feature that can keep nosy friends or relatives away from your device.

The update comes with the software version D803R20f and won’t bring any other noticeable changes to your smartphone. It is currently seeding to the international LG G2 D803 with no word on other variants yet, but it shouldn’t be far away since this is a core LG feature.

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