How to get the new UI in Facebook for Android


It is no secret that the official Facebook app for Android could do with some major revamp. The app feels extremely clunky and lags even on today’s high end devices. While Facebook has been testing a new design for the app via its alpha channel for quite a few months, it has not rolled it out for all its Android users.

Since the new layout is implemented from the server side, users could not just sideload the APK of the alpha version to get their hands on it. But now, it looks like Facebook has decided to enable its new UI for its Android app for all its alpha testers. If you want to test the new UI for Facebook, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Head over to this Google group and join the Facebook for Android alpha testing group. Then, head over to the link in the Google Group and tap the “Become a tester” option.


Step 2: Now, head over to this link and install the Facebook app on your Android device. Even if the app is being shown as installed, click on the Installed button and select your Android device — it will force it to update on your phone. If the above step does not work, open up Play Store on your Android device and head over to My Apps and install the Facebook for Android app update. If no update shows up, restart your device and then check again.

Step 3: Head over to Settings -> Applications, find the Facebook app from the list and clear its app data.


Step 4: Open up the Facebook app, re-login with your credentials to enjoy the new UI of the Facebook for Android app.

Keep in mind that this method makes you join the alpha testing group of the app. This means that you should be seeing regular updates to the app, which might or might not be stable enough for day to day use.

The new UI has a much flatter looking design
The new UI has a flatter looking design

If you are not feeling adventurous enough to join the alpha testers group but still want the new UI, simply sideload the APK of the latest alpha build from here and try it out.

What do you think about the new UI of the Facebook app for Android? Drop in a comment and do let us know!