5 Beautiful and unique cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Yesterday, we listed 5 rugged cases that would protect your Galaxy S5 against falls and bumps, and today we’re back with a different selection of cases that are slimmer but don’t compromise on protection or style. Check them out below.

Caseology Fusion Clear

It’s hard to argue against a Caseology case because the brand is excellent at bringing high-quality materials and designs for quite affordable prices. The Fusion Clear is reminiscent of bumper cases, with a colored rim and a clear background that shows the S5’s back cover without compromising on its protection. It is available in the same colors as the S5 — black, white, gold, blue — along with a fifth option that is all clear.

Caseology Fusion Clear for the Galaxy S5

Buy the Caseology Fusion Clear for $8 on Amazon.

Spigen Strong Flex Capsule

Spigen is famous for its Slim Armor series that we included in our rugged selection, but the company also makes regular slim TPU cases. Their Strong Flex series comes in metal slate and grey colors, and brings a unique cross pattern that ought to make the S5 look even more glamorous.

Spigen Strong Flex Capsule for the Galaxy S5

Buy they Spigen Strong Flex Capsule for $12 on Amazon.


The LUVVITT Hybrid case is reminiscent of the Poetic Atmosphere cases, with a matte frosted and slightly flexible material, along with accented colors around the port openings and buttons. It is available in both Black/Red and Pink/Grey variants that bring a touch of style to the Galaxy S5.

LUVVITT Hybrid for the Galaxy S5

Buy the LUVVITT Hybrid for $10 on Amazon.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle looks slightly similar to the Caseology Fusion Clear case that I mentioned above, especially with its colored edges and clear back. However, the clear part is made of frosted polycarbonate instead of TPU, it is designed to be more ergonomic around the center, and is available in a beautiful red color.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle for the Galaxy S5

Buy the Supcase Unicorn Beetle for $14 on Amazon.

Cruzerlite Flame Case

Cruzerlite makes the wittiest Android cases (check the Bugdroid and Androidified designs to see what I’m talking about) but the Flame is their new signature design and it’s only available for the Galaxy S5 for now. It carries the same blend of shiny and matte TPU as their other cases, for a minimalist yet elegant flame effect on the back, all while wrapping up the phone from all its sides.

Cruzerlite Flame Case for the Galaxy S5

Buy the Cruzerlite Flame Case for $10 on Amazon.

If you’re thinking about buying the Galaxy S5, which kind of case will you get for it? Or do you prefer to carry it as is, without any protection?