5 Rugged Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has started selling in a few countries and is about to hit multiple worldwide markets soon. Despite the fact that it is water and dust resistant, it is still not shockproof and will need a little protection against falls and hits. That’s why we’ve picked 5 of the best rugged cases you can get for the Galaxy S5 if you have pre-ordered or you own one.

Caseology Air Mesh Armor

Caseology makes some of my favorite and slimmest cases for smartphones, but their Armor series is geared towards a more active lifestyle. The case consists of two layers, including a black TPU jelly base and a polycarbonate shell for further protection. The shell comes in 5 different colors and carries a mesh design.

Caseology Air Mesh

Buy the Caseology Air Mesh Armor for $8 from Amazon.

Verus Dual Layer

This Verus case is probably one of the bulkiest models on this list but that is due to two factors: the first is that the design is streamlined so that it curves in the hand appropriately and the second is that the black TPU part of its dual layer is actually raised everywhere, reducing the risk of scratching the hardshell plastic. It is available in eight traditional and bright colors, all with the same dotted pattern that is found on the back of the Galaxy S5.

Verus Dual Layer

Buy the Verus Dual Layer for $15 from Amazon.

Obliq Xtreme and Skyline

Obliq is another dual-layered case with a black TPU base and a plastic shell covering it, but what sets it apart is how minimalist and simple the design is for a rugged case. The Skyline model has one carved thin line on the side and comes in seven different colors. The Xtreme model carries an embossed large X, and is available in four subdued colors along with orange.

Obliq Xtreme

Buy the Obliq Xtreme or Skyline for $12 on Amazon.

Spigen Slim Armor Air Cushion and Heavy Duty

Another minimalist and well known rugged case is the Spigen Slim Armor. While it is also available for various other smartphones, Spigen have made an extra effort for the Galaxy S5 by bringing two different designs to the lineup. Both use the main black TPU base, but the Heavy Duty comes with plain backplates in four colors, whereas the Air Cushion offers the Galaxy S5’s dotted pattern we have grown used to in five colors.

Spigen Slim Armor

Buy the Spigen Slim Armor Air Cushion and Heavy Duty for ~ $17-20 on Amazon.

i-Blason Armorbox

Don’t let the bulky looks of the Armorbox fool you into thinking that this case is less functional or more cumbersome than the rest. It is one of the few cases that take into account the S5’s fingerprint scanner and heart rate sensor by including larger cut-outs for them. And as with the previous models on this list, the Armorbox is dual-layered with a black TPU base and a polycarbonate shell in five colors.

i-Blason Armorbox

But the i-Blason Armorbox for $15 on Amazon.

Are you getting a Galaxy S5? If so, do you plan on buying one of these cases for it, or do you have your eyes set on another (or none at all)? Let us know in the comments below.