Sony Xperia Z2 speakers compared with the Xperia Z1 and HTC One in new hands-on videos

Xperia Z2

The Sony Xperia Z2 might be known for its camera or the new 1080p Triluminos display, but the device is also touting a vastly superior S-Force Front Surround Sound speakers. And to further ascertain the true performance of these speakers, a couple of sites have compared it with its predecessor, the Xperia Z1, as well as the HTC One, which sports one of the best speakers in the market.

When compared with the speakers on the HTC flagship, it is evident that the Xperia Z2 is clearly on the louder side. However, the sound output from the HTC One is clearer and soothing to the ear. The video also reveals that the Xperia Z2 possibly has better bass compared to the HTC One, but that can only be proven once the device officially hits the market.

Another video compared the speakers on the Xperia Z2 with the Xperia Z1. In this comparison, the older Sony flagship sounds a tad distorted in comparison to the Xperia Z2, although sound levels are pretty much the same.

The Xperia Z2 also packs better stylus and glove support with increased sensitivity, which is another improvement over the predecessor. The camera has been upgraded as well compared to the Xperia Z1, despite sporting the same sensor. So it’s quite clear that Sony has made quite a lot of changes under the hood with its latest flagship.

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